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Activate Kulture

Country: Israel

Competence Centre Description: Activate Kulture is a consultancy firm based in Israel and Canada, specializing in planning and implementing collections and document management systems and projects, for internal, inter-organizational or public use. Activate Kulture provides technological solutions for cultural heritage institutions. Its work includes:Help in strategic organizational and information system planning; Needs assessments; Solutions to multilingual needs of international institutional and collaborative efforts; Development and implementation of metadata and other organizational and inter-operability standards; Advice regarding the purchase or creation of collection or document management systems; Assistance in determining project staff requirements; Solutions to artist and private collector web and collection management needs.

Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage

Country: Egypt

Competence Centre Description: The Center's mandate is to document the various aspects of Egypt's tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as its natural heritage. This involves the implementation of the national plan of action towards the documentation program, making use of the most up-to-date information technology in collaboration with the national and international specialized organizations. The Center also aims at increasing public awareness of Egypt's cultural and natural heritage using all available media as well as building capacities of professionals in the fields of conservation and documentation of cultural and natural heritage

Center for the Digitization of Cultural Heritage

Country: Greece

Competence Centre Description: Clepsydra offers its specialized know-how and services to all public and private bodies that are related to cultural heritage. Its involvement in research and development projects contributes to the field of digitization and sustains its high rank in technological know-how. Clepsydra is involved in the digitization of artefacts of various types, ranging from manuscripts to small 3D objects, as well as urban and open areas, it undertakes the development of interactive applications relating to the cultural heritage domain and is actively involved in research within the aforementioned domains.

Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation

Country: Italy

Competence Centre Description: Studies the methodologies and the models of cataloguing of archaeological resources, defines instruments for the normalisation of terminology, coordinates the Superintendent?s cataloguing activity, participates in initiatives and projects, both national and international and in collaboration with Institutes, Universities and other research bodies.

CulTech for Archaeology and Consevation

Country: Jordan

Competence Centre Description: 1- The Center includes a number of esperts in the following: Conservation Sciences; CRM; Museology; Photogrammetry; Restoration and maintenance; Tourism planning; Risk Assessment; Docuemntation of Cultural Heritage and Hostoric Collections. Our previous and current projects include Docuemntation of Jordanian Ancient Jewelry, Study of acousitics of Jerash ancient theaters, Analysis od Nabataean ancient pottery, Studies of weathering of Petra monuments, documentation of Petra monuemnts and design and implementation of a GIS for Petra.

Department of Antiquities

Country: Cyprus

Competence Centre Description: The Department of Antiquities is responsible for the management of the archaeological heritage of Cyprus. The Department's main areas of activity and responsibility are the following: -systematic and rescue excavations as well as archaeological surveys, -the establishment, management and operation of archaeological museums, -the conservation, restoration, protection and promotion of Ancient Monuments in the First and Second Schedule of the Antiquities Law, of archaeological sites and of monuments of architectural heritage. One of the aims of the Department of Antiquities is also the use of both ancient monuments and archaeological museums for educational purposes and cultural activities, as well as for the stimulation of cultural tourism. In order to achieve the above, the Department of Antiquities organises conferences, exhibitions and lectures both in Cyprus and abroad. An activity which has emerged over the last few years is the contribution of the Department of Antiquities towards the establishment of private/thematic museums. In this case the Department acts as a consultant and as a guide by offering its personnel's specialised knowledge.

Department of Antiquities of Jordan

Country: Jordan

Competence Centre Description: The Department of Antiquities of Jordan (DoA) is the official institutional authority mandated by law to be responsible for the protection, conservation and presentation of antiquities. The principal policy of the Department of Antiquities is the protection of antiquities, preferring conservation measures that do not require physical intervention to the remains as the first choice where possible. The second policy is for the presentation of antiquities, including research, survey, excavation and site management.

Department of Conservation and Management of Cultural Resources

Country: Jordan

Competence Centre Description: The Department of CMCR was established in the year 1999/2000 at the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology to meet the growing needs of highly trained and skilful people in the fields of cultural resources management, conservation, applied sciences and museology. The Department has started with a master program in cultural resources management which attracted students from Jordan and other countries in the region and worldwide. The Department adopts an interdisciplinary approach in teaching its programs and therefore it cooperates with other departments at the university such as Chemistry, Geology, Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Anthropology, Archaeology, Museology, Epigraphy, and Modern Languages. The Department utilizes the modern information technologies such as the Geographic Information System (GIS) and database management systems in teaching and training its students

Digital Documentation Center - American University of Beirut

Country: Lebanon

Competence Centre Description: The Digital Documentation Center provides general and specialized digitization services for various departments at AUB.

Digital Systems and Media Computing

Country: Greece

Competence Centre Description: The Digital Systems and Media Computing Laboratory (DSMC) was established in the end of 2002 and is located in Patras, Greece. DSMC operates under the School of Sciences and Technology of the Hellenic Open University (HOU). DSMC caries out both fundamental and applied research in the fields of Image and Video Coding, Digital Watermarking and Data Hiding, IPR Protection of Digital Assets, Video Analysis, and Intelligent Information Access. The expertise of its members in the above mentioned areas is of vital importance and in line with the objectives of STACHEM.

Engineering Center for Archaeology and Environment

Country: Egypt

Competence Centre Description: The Center hosts specialized teams in various fields such as: architecture, urbanism, surveying & photogrammetry, building materials & deterioration phenomena, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, mining engineering, geology, documentation and restoration projects; they constitute the main core of the Center. The Centre uses advanced technology and equipment in executing its projects, e.g. PC computers, scanners, digitizers, plotters, total stations, stereoplotter, photocopiers, x-ray, soil & rock testing instruments, geophysical surveying instruments, cameras, endoscope, optical polarized light microscope, scanning electron microscope, special machines to perform different tests on stones and numerical modeling softwares.

Heritage Malta ICT and Documentation Division

Country: Malta

Competence Centre Description: My division, together with the World Heritage Sites curatorial division, are in charge of drafting terms of reference for the digitisation of Archaeological Heritage sites. At the moment we are in fact preparing for laser scanning to produce 3d models for the Hypogeum. We also drafted terms of reference for the digitisation of Tarxien temples and St. Paul's catacombs.

High Institute for Conservation and Restoration

Country: Italy

Competence Centre Description: The Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro (ex Istituto Centrale per il Restauro) was born in 2007. It is a technical institution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and it is specialised in the field of restoration and preservation of cultural heritage.

High Performance Information Systems Laboratory, University of Patras

Country: Greece

Competence Centre Description: The HPCLAB has developed 3 main project which 1. Digitization Study (applied to more than 300 digitization projects). The study focused on 2D digitization of cultural objects, methodologies and strategies for long term digital preservation, copyright protection and management. The study is a roadmap for digitization projects in Greece. 2. 3D reconstruction of Athens Parthenon (real time interaction and virtual navigation). The project included the implementation of a 3-D model and walk-through environment of the Parthenon of Athens. The 3-D model has already been developed and will be navigated through PC-workstations on the same LAN as the model database server, using real-time 3-D technology. The model of Parthenon is based, among other information, on valuable unpublished scientific information by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. 3. The Ulyssess portal for the Hellenic Minstry of Culture. Ulysses" is one of the largest and most highly acclaimed cultural web sites worldwide. The number of "Ulysses" visitors exceeds a monthly average of 100,000 guests, 85% of whom live abroad. Sections on Greek cultural heritage and contemporary cultural creation are available, including hundreds of archaeological sites, museums and monuments, cultural organizations, exhibitions, special issues. Most of them are provided in English and are accompanied by a variety of services.